Sustainable Development Goal 1 – No Poverty

2018-12-21, 09:53 Posted by: Cybercom Östersund

About me and the blog

Hi, my name is Christian Brandon and welcome to my blog! I’m born and raised in Stockholm, but together with the love of my life, we packed our stuff and moved to Östersund. Up here in the north, we have managed to become parents to two girls and bought a dog! For a very long time, I’ve wondered how I can become better at living a more sustainable life, without a huge bunch of ‘musts. For example, we chose to not have a car as it’s perfectly fine to get around Östersund by foot or bike. It was a pretty easy decision with a great outcome on my own carbon footprint.

Except sustainability and a fair share of IT, a lot of my time is spent together with my family or in the kitchen. One of my greatest passions in life is baking pastries, bread or similar things. The odd thing is that I don’t enjoy eating the pastries I so dearly love to bake. It’s strange, but that’s just how it is!

So, jump on board and join me as we explore the world of sustainability!
On this blog, I will share my thoughts on all #SDG2030 goals from the Paris agreement.

In the first post, we look at SDG 1 – No Poverty.
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Sustainable Development Goal 1 – No Poverty

Even though the number of people who are living in poverty all around the globe has halved since the 90’s, there are still a huge bunch of people living without a roof over their heads, food and clean water. If we were to remove all poverty on earth and give people access to the most basic human rights, most of the SDG’s would me much easier to solve.

It’s not just to throw a handful of money on the people in poverty to solve the problem, but rather to give them the opportunity and knowledge to start making their own! To set up agriculture, a plantation or a similar opportunity will lead to a sustainable income. Like the old saying – give the man a fish and he can eat, teach him to fish and he can provide food for the entire family.
So this is something that is on the UN’s list of things to do to fight poverty.


So, what can I do?

Get engaged in organizations who work against poverty. There is a huge variation of different themes of organizations that you can join. For example, you can help with something as easy as homework assistance. Not that everyone who needs help with homework are poor, but to give everyone a much better chance at getting a good grade and in the end a good chance of a job!


What does Cybercom do?

Education is one of the fundamentals to get out of poverty. It’s also the base for a child’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical development. Earlier, we worked to reduce poverty in the world by enhancing the education for children in Rwanda by actively supporting SOS Children’s Villages.

As I wrote in the beginning of the blog, it’s not just to throw a handful of money on people in poverty, but to give them a chance to get out of it themselves! By the contribution of technologic development and by spreading our knowledge we have as a company and making sure that for example effective agriculture, telecommunication and education are being spread globally, we can give our two cents to increase the standard of living for people in countries with poverty.

Case Tele Communication Network:

Case Easy Access of Education:

Case Intelligent Light Technology:



On the next blog post, we will look at SDG 2 – No hunger. Stay tuned!

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