Small actions will make a difference

2019-06-11, 19:12 Posted by: Andreas Lambrant

Small actions can make a difference  

Welcome, let me just start off by saying this is fun!  
While doing research for this blog I’m learning tons of interesting stuff about the world and how we humans treat it. 
It is easy to think that most of the things connected to sustainability is negative and bad and I get that. Media reflects mostly negative things, the waters are rising, the planet gets warmer and warmer, warnings about the world poverty levels, plastic everywhere and so on.  
It’s not surprising that there is a bad feeling about the whole concept. 

But I’m here to say that everything doesn’t have to be bad, there are a lot of smaller positive actions that can turn the ship. And we will explore some of them right now. 

Be political, vote for someone that care about sustainability. Make your voice heard, let the politicians know that you care about the future. 

Be more informed, read up on things that interest you. How can you be more sustainable within that area, let others know how to do the things you learn. Keep improve and change for the better. 

Use less paper, just because it’s easy to print doesn’t mean that it’s cheap on the environment. Here are a lot of things that we could cut down on. The paper towels we use in bathrooms for one, I know that I until not that long ago used two of them every time I dried my hands. One is absolutely enough; I can vouch for that. 
Another major one is all wrapping paper for gifts. If you think about it then Christmas is completely crazy. 
There must be a better way than spending all that paper for just a couple of minutes then throw it out. 

And it’s time to opt out from all the paper commercial you get, we live in the digital revolution. Why do we still get this in paper form? If we, the consumers, say no to this the companies will have to step up and adapt. 

Travel more responsible, it’s a tricky one. I know that not every one of us can take the bus or the bike for different reasons. But try to, whenever you can. When you take the bike, you get some exercise and fresh air as a bonus, you also save some money or a lot of it in the long run. That isn’t too bad, right? 

Eat more sustainable, something we hear way too often. 
Go vegan they say, but what if I don’t want to? 
You shouldn’t if you don’t want to. But you should try to eat a bit less when it comes to red meat. The main reason for forest loss is the need to grow crops to feed all the farm animals we keep for meat or dairy products. 
You don’t have to eat cow meat or pork every day. And if you, for some reason, just can't keep your hands away from meat for even one day a week then go for chicken instead. 
If the health benefits aren’t enough for you to cut down on meat and eat more veggies, then the fact that you will save money might be enough to tip the scale. 

Cut down on plastic, which is easier said than done since plastic is everywhere. 
But whenever the opportunity comes try to go for the options that won’t end up in a landfill. 
And get a reusable bag when you go for groceries or use a backpack, the backpack is Lambrant approved and works like a charm. 
There is always a chance to upcycle things instead of throwing them, which means re-use them for another purpose. For example, a jam jar could be a candle holder or tins could be used as plant pots. See it as a chance to be creative! 

Watch what you buy, make your money work towards a better world. 
The power lies with you, the consumer. Be more conscious of what you buy and try to go for products that haven’t traveled as far or ecofriendly products which isn’t as hard on the environment. This will encourage the companies to produce in a better way since that is what we want, and we show them through our purchases. 

Be more responsible with the water you use. There are a lot of smaller things here that could go a long way. For example, the one all of you have heard, take shorter showers. Or if you have difficulties to cut down the shower time you could save water in the shower if you installed an energy efficient shower head. 
But there is other smaller stuff as well. Like don’t leave the tap running when you brush your teeth, basically water that never comes to any use. The same goes for when you do the dishes (if you don’t have a good dishwasher), and I know this since I’m not that good at it but try to not have the tap running here either. These two smaller things are something that we do every day, over the course of a year it will amass to a lot of water. 

There are a lot more, but I will try to keep it short. 
If you want more tips and tricks you can find more in the links below. I also added a page full of nice recipes and tips on what to do with leftovers. It’s the last one in the list, delicious! 

I usually use references within the text but this time I found the same information on a lot of different sites so I decided to put all of them in a list that you can find underneath instead. 

Until next time and as always, have a nice day! 


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