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Today 11:57 AM; Posted by: Christian Brandon

Sustainability Development Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

Eliminating the issue with starving people is a question that keeps on repeating itself and there are a lot of people engaged in solving the problem.

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12/21/2018 9:53:47 AM; Posted by: Christian Brandon

Sustainability Development Goal 1 – No Poverty

Even though the number of people who are living in poverty all around the globe has halved since the 90’s, there are still a huge bunch of people living without a roof over their heads, food and clean water.

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2/16/2018 4:09:23 PM; Posted by: Andreas Carlberg

Digital Sustainability - The Start

My journey around the topic sustainability started over 20 years ago where I took a class in Environmental Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology. It was certainly only a basic course, but the content included the theory that human behavior creates the global warming but we also discussed different dilemmas and back then there were researches who claimed that the theory that humanity contributes to the warming was a major scam. 

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Hi, my name is Christian Brandon. I’m born and raised in Stockholm, but together with the love of my life, we packed our stuff and moved to Östersund. For a very long time, I’ve wondered how I can become better at living a more sustainable life, without a huge bunch of ‘musts. For example, we chose to not have a car as it’s perfectly fine to get around Östersund by foot or bike. It was a pretty easy decision with a great outcome on my own carbon footprint.

On this blog, I will share my thoughts on all #SDG2030 goals from the Paris agreement. So, jump on board and join my as we explore the world of sustainability!

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