Sustainability driving Business Innovation at MWC

2017-03-01, 15:17 Posted by: Conny Karlsson

Sustainability is for more and more companies a driver for Business Innovation. From having been two separate areas in organisations, modern companies align these two focus areas and utilize the opportunities created by the connected world to innovate their business and increase competitiveness in a global market. 

I arrived at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 25 and could immediately see that Sustainability+Business Innovation is happening. Above is my MWC badge and it contains the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and repeating the Mobile Industry's commitment to the goals from 2016.

"Mobile connectivity is essential to the achievement of the SDGs and can accelerate inclusive growth and sustainable development as no other technology can."

I recommend to download the App "SDGs in action" to get inspired by the new services that has been created as a result of combining Sustainability and Innovation.

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