Industry 4.0 Themed Hannover Messe 2018

2018-04-24, 08:58 Posted by: Jussi Laakso & Tomi Asp

One of the biggest annual events on the industrial field is here again and two of our Makers, Tomi and Jussi, were ready to hop on a plane and travel to Hannover early on Monday morning. Tomi and I (Jussi) made careful preparations beforehand in order to get the most out of our trip - because of the size of Hannover Messe, it is vital to make a proper plan in advance. 

After an early flight, it was time to take a train from Hamburg to Hannover. We took full advantage of the one and a half hours spent in the train: we speculated, went through our expectations, wrote this blog and reviewed our plans for the week. 

An Event Full of the Possibilities of Industry 4.0

The main themes of Hannover Messe 2018 include Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance, Digital Twins, integrated energy, intelligent deliveries, cobots and light structures. Of these, we are especially interested to see what Industry 4.0 with its digitization, IoT and connectivity possibilities has to offer, as well as to dive into the predictive maintenance field and the potential it has on business growth, not to forget the simulators from the point of view of the Digital Twins. 

Our calendars are full of intriguing lectures and keynotes throughout the whole event, and on the first day we'll hear more about e.g. the harnessing of blockchains in IoT as well as about the usage of hologramm technology in maintenance. 

Monday Evening Culmination - Night of Innovations

Even though our day started already before 4AM, our ambitious goal is to stay at the fair area long after the sun has set. The reason for this is Night of Innovations: a Monday evening culmination treating us with interesting keynotes, leading scientists as well as industrial and political influencers discussing the themes and topics of the event.

After the event we'll take the train back to Hamburg - a perfect opportunity for us to sum up the day, so stay tuned and we'll keep you posted on the hottest topics of the first day!

Wednesday - Exhibitors and Collaborators

Our last day here will be Wednesday, and we have planned to concentrate on getting aqcuainted with the exhibitors and the novelties and solutions they have to offer, as well as on meeting our collaborators, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. 

So stay tuned - more is yet to come, both here in this blog as well as on our Social Media Channels Twitter and Instagram!

- Tomi & Jussi


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