Girl! Come and work in the ICT sector!

2016-05-09, 09:52 Posted by: Liisa Rusanen

This time it's not your typical guy a bit past his sell-by date telling you what to do or not do with your life. This time it's your typical straitlaced lady with a creaky voice.

Girl, young lady, why should you consider the ICT sector? When the world awaits you and there are more possibilities than you can count, why would you go study bits and technologies? Well, it doesn't suit everyone. But do think about it. The field has its merits.

Do you want to do something that matters?

The ICT field may sound like servers, underground data centers and binary code. These things are necessary, of course. But let's think about whose lives are affected by ICT today. Yes that's right, everyone's. We use web services and go on-line on our phones. In order to create functional services, we need to know people. In ICT-related work we get very close to the everyday lives of ordinary people. It's difficult to produce easy-to-use services, and that's precisely the point – challenges abound, and succeeding can have enormous significance for society. ICT means, for example, all that technology used for YouTubing, chatting, instant-messaging, snapping, and blogging, as well as that which will be used for doing all the boring jobs in the future. That's right, #hashtag is ICT too. Nowadays, this technology is being produced in bright, modern and fun offices in city centers.

The ICT field needs women to stay on the cutting edge.

ICT is ordinary, and it affects everyone. We need women to develop it, women with vision and who, after all, understand women better than men do. Of course, we want to energize the offices – and energy is precisely what young women have. It takes more than cola to make killer applications. To stay on the cutting edge, we need constant development and reinvention. Determination and resolve are strengths in this field, and your strengths are what you get to put to good use. It's never up to you alone – all the best ideas and solutions are results of team work.

Boys. Men. People.

There are a lot of boys in the ICT field. Boys who grow into men. It's easy to work with men, and with sophisticated men it can even be pleasant. The ICT field has a lot of people who keep up with what's happening in the world around them, so there's no need to worry about a stuffy atmosphere or ancient world views. Actually, I have run into equality in a new way in the ICT field: men seem to take it into very careful consideration. If you want to get ahead in this business, you won't get stuck because of gender. No one seems to pay attention to gender, and the only time it comes up is on sauna evenings where there's a lot of free space during the girl's turn.

The famous benefits.

It's a well-known fact that paychecks in this field are not small. Even if money doesn't govern your choices yet, it does have its uses. It can take you abroad, buy you a place of your own, or you can save it for later. If you have more than you need, you can help those who don't have enough. There will come a time in your life when expenses just seem to pile up –perhaps in the form of little winter overalls or Gore-Tex shoes. Then it can be a good thing to have some savings to get you through. It can also free up choices for families, as either parent can stay home if needed.

Do you want a career? Do you want to be successful?

The ICT field can sweep you away, because there's always work for people who have the skills. Temporary jobs are almost unheard of in ICT, so you won't have to plan your life in six month cycles. But you have freedom of choice too. If you want to stay in Kuta Beach for longer than your vacations allow, it's often possible to work remotely too. And if you feel the need to chill out at the beach, or at home, for even longer, it's also often possible to work out with your employer.

According to research, a common trait of successful women is a strong belief in being able to do the same as men. You don't need to get all manly, though, or give up your principles. See what ICT has to offer. Think about it. And if career opportunities with all benefits included seem attractive, go ahead and apply!


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