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2016-05-04, 08:35 Posted by: Päivi Liedes

“Päivi, now we’ll launch a cloud specialist-based OpenStack community that people really want to be a part of at the end of the work day. We also need to provide something to eat and drink for free. In addition, the meeting should be in the city center with good public transportation access. The topics of discussion, and presentations must precisely focus on the OpenStack technology, technical aspects, especially from the users’ viewpoint. Of course, that requires money, so we should obtain sponsors in addition to us. However, we must ensure that the event does not turn into one long, mind-numbing sales pitch.”

The above was more or less what Ilkka “Ikke” Tengvall said to me about this theme approximately three years ago. And, as you might guess, I was instantly inspired because I easily become enthusiastic about new things:

“That's exciting, so we are going to create something new. Sound great! Our tasks have been specified, now we just need to enter the first meetup day into our calendars and activate all communication channels”.

That was how the story of the OpenStackFin user group started here in Finland. Previously, there had been some minor activity related to the theme, but we identified a clear need for an active community. And, we were right.

Currently, the OpenStackFin user group convenes regularly, about twice or three times a year. The user group has become a huge community of almost 520 stackers. That is really awesome, because it is a community that only focuses on one type of technology! In March 2015, the figure stood at 266, which means that many joined our ranks during the past year. And that is no wonder: who would want to miss this, as the meetups are an excellent place for networking in addition to sharing technical competence.

Future topics

What is the future role of OpenStack? OpenStack has clearly found its place among cloud providers. What is the future direction of user group meetings? In the beginning, we extensively addressed general architecture building, related challenges and different tools. Will the focus shift more to case examples from now on, or to customer solution experiences? Or, will there still be enough to talk about regarding basic technical aspects, but with a fresh approach? I am sure that time will tell. Regardless of the direction, the meetings will continue to serve OpenStack users.

I <3 OpenStackFin

Building the #OpenStackFin community and organizing events has been one of my most enjoyable work tasks. This is in no small part because it is so rewarding to see a lot of people gathering to discuss OpenStack or everything related to it, and to get to know new people. Perhaps the constructive feedback I have received in addition to all the positive feedback will improve the meetings even further. Our community is genuinely open and active. I would say that everyone involved in the community are super stackers!

Even though I do not speak OpenStack, I still fluidly listen to it. Through the community, my personal network has also expanded with many great people. And, of course, being responsible for organizing the event has also provided Cybercom with positive things.

If you are an OpenStack user or are otherwise interested in it, I warmly recommend you join the communities. See the meetup service for your country’s OpenStack groups. The meetup group for Finland is here: http://www.meetup.com/OpenStack-Finland-User-Group/


OpenStack Finland User Group is for people who are interested in OpenStack and things around it. So, let's meet up and discuss about current OpenStack issues, tools, trends etc. and share experiences and opinions.

OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface.

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