Transport and logistics in the Cloud

2017-05-09, 15:33 Posted by: Jan-Willem Hordijk

Well-functioning transport is essential for almost every industry. Transport enables exchange of goods and services in the world-wide economy. Related are the additional parts such as loading, unloading and storage. The transportation industry is about the organization and management of the processes of movement. This article is about the important role of information and how the complexity of information is best manageable with Cloud computing. 

The management of transport takes the biggest responsibility regarding to the overall costs. Often these costs are more than one-fourth of the whole logistic chain. That is why a transport manager takes responsibility to make the right decisions. Some of the challenges exists of deciding whether to go for the use of company resources or external resources in case of a special transportation project. A lot of requirements need to be met to get the job done properly. What are the transportation costs? What compliance regulations applies? What governmental regulations exist? What about the load that is going to be transported in terms of weight, height, length? Another interesting subject is the speed in relation to late or early orders and for example traffic situations. These are just a few of many more subjects that affects the selection of the right vehicle.

Looking at the whole logistic chain we find other key requirements such as type of cargo and quantity, terms, specific information, shipping information and documentation, billing information, customer contacts, stock control, managing damages and much more.

Win the market competition with highly efficient information management 

The competition is tremendous in the transport and logistics industry. Not a surprise that it is essential to have a highly efficient eco system for all the information that is required to deliver the requested goods safe, sustainable, quick, compliant to all regulations and the highest possible quality level against the lowest costs. Information is the key element to literally get in the drivers´ seat in the competing market. More, smarter and real-time information brings you to a better market position where you, as transport & logistics partner, can improve the service towards your customers continuously.

Essentials for transport & logistics

The efficiency, quality and sustainability is enabled by information about and management of:

  • The type of transport (rail, road, air or over the sea)
  • The senders and recipients contact details
  • Start and end time
  • Decrease fuel consumption and increase the effectiveness
  • Control over logistic assets
  • Effectiveness of load
  • Decrease energy consumption within real estate (storage / logistic centers)
  • Balancing between own fleet(s) and use of third parties
  • Delivery of real-time status of the transportation journey internally and externally
  • Culture & satisfaction of employees in the high competing market

Crucial scalability is found in the Cloud

To meet the all the requirements, lots of data needs to be processed. Any limitation on IT capacity and performance is a potential risk for your organization. Therefore, it is highly important to have unlimited scaling possibilities to run all forms of information transactions that are required. Even more important is the speed of scaling due to the competitive market. This is where cloud computing comes in.

The full lifecycle of Managed Cloud Services

By choosing the Cloud for all information transactions that requires fast pace scalability you are ensured of almost unlimited available computing power in seconds instead of days, months or even years, depending on the project size. This also unlocks the door to innovation projects that were unreachable before because of high costs.

Cybercom helps to bring your service organization to the required competing level by delivering the full life cycle of advisory, innovation, creation, testing and continuity management services within all Cloud related projects. After all, transportation and logistics is your core business. Having Cybercom as your digital advisor frees up your agenda to focus on innovation and growth within your field of expertise.

Sustainability benefit with Cybercom

Managed Cloud Services

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