Relationships matter in the Cloud

2016-11-01, 12:36 Posted by: Tony Hendrell

Our entire life is built on top of relationships. First your parents and then friends at school and in hobbies. When you start working you build a lot of business relationships during your career.

There is also a one kind of interesting relationship between an application and its infrastructure. That relationship is about to change a big time when applications will be more cloud native and they demand fully automated cloud based infrastructure through APIs. It’s not anymore a stable, harmonized and freeze relationship, documented in the CMDB, like it was in the old days. Now that relationship varies all the time according to the actual workload and real success of the application. You need new thinking and knowledge inside of your organization or a competent and trusted cloud partner who could help you. 

"Big brother must be always awake and ready for corrective actions."

You need to have also a management platform alias “big brother” who is monitoring a relationship between an application and its infrastructure very closely and it will change it constantly and without asking promise from any system admin. Some companies are using an external “chaos monkey” who tries to unbalance that relationship all the time so the big brother must be always awake and ready for corrective actions.

It’s still all about the data and how it could be used to maximize your customer satisfaction. Many companies are collecting and storing all the relationships in their big data lakes and at the same time trying to find new ways to use that huge amount of data to develop their customers’ business further.

Each relationship needs managing because usually you have many ups and downs during your long lasting relationships. It’s the same in all business relationships, just as in life. You really want to choose your partners carefully who fits the best for your business needs. Those partners who understands your industry segment and end customers’ needs and their pain points.

“There is only one boss. The customer.”

Like Sam Walton (the founder of Walmart) has said: “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” I fully agree that the relationship with your customer is all that matter.

Let's start building new relationships and walk together your cloud transformation journey!

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