Next generation Managed Service Provider (MSP)

2016-10-03, 07:33 Posted by: Tony Hendrell

The great new blog post The Evolution of Managed Services in Hyperscale Cloud Environments was published in the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog last week. It makes me wonder what does that really mean for us as a Nordic Cloud MSP helping our customers utilizing the AWS benefits in their daily business. 

Next generation MSPs should create high value solutions and position themselves as trusted advisors.”

We have several great trusted Advisories in the Nordics who are all the makers of tomorrow helping our customers every day. Some of our Advisories are experts with both traditional data center and modern cloud technologies so they can really discuss and help our customers to make the best choices in their next generation infrastructure platforms. 

We believe also that customers are looking for MSPs with deep expertise to consult, design and implement highly automated, intelligent and really secured solutions on top of AWS. We have our Passionate Support for AWS solution which helps our customers to utilize AWS cloud services in an efficient and flexible manner.

Distributed resources

Next generation MSP should have true and cloud skilled 24/7 capability with quick response and resolve times. They also need cloud competent people near to customers with a truly proactive approach with cloud native solutions that are well designed from the start. Currently we are the Advanced level consulting partner with AWS.  We have over 60 AWS accreditations and certifications done in the Nordics and the number is increasing constantly.

Next Gen MSPs are adopting DevOps tools and practices that allow them to continually assess, implement, manage and track changes in exponentially faster timeframes.”

We are helping our customers in many projects to implement and develop their existing CI/CD process to be more cloud compatible. In the new world an infrastructure as a codeplatform and a cloud native applications must be in sync all the time. Automation rules!

Security by design

Very often MSP’s govern the IAM credentials for an AWS account to ensure consistency, security and governance. When you have a big enough environment with multiple AWS accounts you need somebody to manage the day-to-day management for increased limits of liability, security and enhanced SLA’s.

"Customers expect their MSP to have strong security expertise and the ability (and experience) to meet the regulatory and compliance needs of their business."

Cybercom has the great Security offering which includes advisory and technical level knowledge and tools also for compliance management. We are currently helping many of our customers with IAM solutions.

The Next Gen MSP must be able to design customer solutions from the start to meet their security needs, then implement and continually manage the solutions. Security is not an add-on anymore in cloud based environments like it’s typically in a traditional environments. The cloud native solutions must be secured by design!

I really enjoyed reading that AWS partner blog of managed services in the hyperscale cloud and I’m really looking forward of their future topics.

Stay tuned!

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