Microsoft Ignite 2019 recap

2019-11-21, 11:53 Posted by: Tuomo Andelin

I recently participated in Microsoft Ignite 2019 in sunny Orlando Florida with my colleagues from Cybercom. The convention was held November 4-8 in Orange County Convention Center and this was my first time at Ignite.

Vision Keynote

Vision Keynote with Satya Nadella | Microsoft Ignite 2019

Ignite started off with Vision Keynote session by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. The session was mainly about new services and features that Microsoft announced. He also mentioned sustainability as being "a paramount importance" to Microsoft. They have launched a new data-center design that's 100% renewable energy and will roll out in Sweden. This fits perfectly with our strategy:

Announcements at Ignite 2019

And what about the new services Microsoft announced?

A lot of emphasis was put on new Intelligent Edge devices,
such as Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack HCI.

These devices can be run in fully disconnected scenarios providing Azure Stack for the client.

Think of handling natural disasters in a harsh environment for example. Next announcement was Azure Arc, which lets you manage and monitor your hybrid cloud, including on premises resources from Azure portal. With Arc managing replication from on premises to Azure or even AWS seems easy. Another exciting new announcement was the next generation data warehouse system Azure Synapse, which delivers limitless analytics and on demand query compute at scale as a single service.

Here is an exhaustive list of announcements on new products and features at Ignite:

Didn’t go? No problem!

Now, for a first timer the amount of information can be overwhelming but luckily Microsoft recorded all Ignite sessions and you can find them here: , original link

I recommend watching “Application Dev Keynote” by Scott Hanselman, which isn’t just for developers, but you gain a general understanding on modern application development. I also recommend “Powershell Unplugged” with Jeffrey Snover and Jason Helmick for those who are interested in managing your environment with Powershell. Very entertaining as the creators of the language demoed the latest version of the product (and make mistakes along the way, as they say)! These guys never fail to deliver.

Finally, anything by Mark Russinovich - Azure CTO, Microsoft, is always interesting to watch. Especially and if you have not yet seen his yearly “Inside Azure Datacenter Architecture”, it will provide you with a comprehensive tour of Azure Architecture. You can also filter the list of Ignite videos.

For beginners, use a level filter of 100 Foundational or 200 Intermediate and for the more experienced IT crowd, I recommend filtering the videos to show 45 / 75 min breakout sessions and a level of 300 Advanced to 400 Expert.

All the session videos and slides are also available as a download, using a script found here:


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