Makers of a cloud reality love OpenStack

2016-09-27, 10:25 Posted by: Päivi Liedes

Cybercom sponsored OpenStack Nordic Days –event in Stockholm on 22nd September. This was the very first time for Nordic event and gathered together over 300 participants. Well done!

During the day we heard awesome keynotes, and to mention few, Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of OpenStack Foundation told, that 65% of world’s OpenStack installations are running critical production workloads (according to their user survey). We also learned that CERN runs about 6700 hypervisors in their OpenStack deployments. This is huge! Thierry Carrez, Director of Engineering, OpenStack Foundation presented a question: What is OpenStack? And gave us the answer that caught my attention “Culture > Technology”. Wow, so true, don’t you think? OpenStack is the world’s biggest open source community and they = people are developing OpenStack. And we’re proud to be part of this. Thanks to event organizers, we had a great day in Stockholm!

#OpenStackFin meetup 2nd November in Helsinki – join the user group

I’ve been part of the OpenStack Finland user group and have also organized its meetups since it was founded. Next meetup will be on 2nd November in Helsinki. Theme is “OpenStack Operations and Operators”. See detailed information and join us: Meetups are excellent places networking with other OpenStack users and share knowledge.

If your company or organisation is interested in sponsoring OpenStackFin events, please contact me. During the last years many great companies has been supporting the community. And I’m happy that so many has been part of this – many thanks to you all! All sponsor incomes will be used to make the event as nice as possible. Welcome to Helsinki in November and bring your friend too!

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