En route to Microsoft Ignite 2021

2021-02-17, 09:57 Posted by: Mikko Järvenkylä

Calendars marked? It’s almost ready-get set-go for three days of goodness with the latter half of Microsoft Ignite! This latter half shall run from March 2–4, 2021, and we will keep close eye on the agenda as it unfolds.

Registration has been open for a few days already, so you should head over to https://register.ignite.microsoft.com already! As the previous event in September 2020, this latter half of Ignite is also a no-cost event to participate.

Splitting the event back in 2020 into two different all-digital sessions has been a wise choice. In a sense, and considering the state of the nation with COVID-19, it almost echoes a brighter the year 2021 and road to pandemic-free status quo. Events like Microsoft Ignite are all about human interaction. Converting from an in-person conference to all-digital is a clearly a huge burden - how do you motivate and light a spark remotely? How do you keep your participants engaged and active? Luckily we all share this pain and are already somewhat acquainted with the situation – remote Teams sessions are already the new norm and work quite well with sessions within Ignite like the table talks inside Connection Zone.

What did we see within Microsoft Ignite 2020?

Ignite 2020 provided  a lot of announcements and improvements in the Data & AI domain, enhancing and further developing the offering within Azure AI, Machine Learning and all those fancy things! Also having the option to run your Azure CosmosDB serverless was a great addition to their offering. That will indeed be keenly adopted within smaller workloads with an occasional burst/moderate performance profile.

Furthermore seeing the deeper integration of hybrid offering and management of your hybrid estate was a delight. That is undoubtedly a topic that’s being invested quite heavily within all the major cloud vendors. Perhaps a delightful quirk to see amongst all the hype with serverless, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the lot - a topic that is a big continuous theme.

You should have a look at the 2020 Ignite recap blog by our authors Antti, Tuomo, Tommi and Tomi.

Ignite 2021 - What do we expect?

We’re eagerly waiting for the agenda to unfold and start filling our calendars from the session catalogue. Data, AI, Hybrid and Migrations will be extremely closely monitored by us, but for now we still have to wait and see for the agenda to be revealed. Cloud transformation, migration and especially the sustainability for these is in the limelight for us at Cybercom. We’re already buckling up in our virtual manifestations of conference seats. You should do it too!

Are you thinking of expanding your journey to cloud with migrating more of your workloads to Azure? Let us advise, help and do the heavy lifting!

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