Don’t use security risks as an excuse not to pursue a cloud first strategy!

2018-10-17, 10:04 Posted by: Daniel Brättemark

Are you using digital services today?

I am sure that like everybody else these days you rely on online services for many important daily tasks. You check the weather app in the morning, you do you your banking online. Many of you order your food online and some even lock their doors and their cars using apps on their phone. Is there a problem with that? Of course not, the digitalization of society is making daily chores more convenient and it our lives a little bit easier (and more fun as well). The corporate world is not falling behind in this development either. Most companies use many cloud based services today and some are even cloud only. There are however some things we need to think about.

We used to protect our data in our own environments behind secure walls. Now we rely on Amazon, Microsoft and Google to store it for us. But are they not likely to have better security than us? They put so much money into it. Yes, they do. But at the end of the day we are always responsible for our own data. We have to tell our customers that we have leaked the data they trusted us with and explain to authorities that we are still GDPR and PCI DSS compliant.


So how do we solve this equation?

The good thing is that there are many services we can use to ensure that our data is secure in the cloud. The tools we use to protect data in our own environments are available as services we can use to protect our data online. The slight issue is that they are often not there by default. A cloud provider has services for encryption, vulnerability management, DDoS etc. that are available as add-ons. Those kind services can also be acquired from the traditional security vendors ready for online use. At Cybercom we live and breathe digital trust and security. We are ready to be your guide in the digital jungle so that you can make good decisions on how to protect your assets in the digital era. Don’t use security risks as an excuse not to pursue a cloud first strategy. Use secure digital services as a strategic advantage and provide the best and most reliable online services to your customers.

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