Cloud migration: How to move enterprise, business-critical applications to AWS cloud

2021-02-16, 07:49 Posted by: Sami Lehtinen

Migrating to AWS means more than simply moving workloads and data from your own premises, hosting service or another public cloud. It means innovation, security, productivity and cost-savings.

Did you know AWS runs nearly 50% of the globe’s public cloud infrastructure, with over 1 million active customers? As the world’s leading cloud provider, AWS offers the largest server variety combined with the broadest set of ready-to-use services.

Throughout a carefully planned AWS cloud migration from start to finish, organizational staff and stakeholders are fully involved and kept up to date, while interruptions and system downtime are avoided and held to a minimum.

Reasons to migrate to AWS cloud

By eliminating the grind and load from your infrastructure maintenance, AWS empowers your organization to focus more on customers, innovation and operational growth. Whether you want to develop new products and services, enter a new market, or create better customer experiences, AWS offers the benefits of faster innovation with standardization to help you get maximum results. This means you’ll have more time to make an impact in other areas of your business.

Key benefits from cloud migration are improved agility, productivity and operational efficiencies. Workload and data migration often deliver cost-savings in the longer term, even in cases where it would not be the core target.


 "Migrating your workflows is a gateway to the value of what AWS cloud offers. While cost savings are a benefit of migrating to AWS cloud, it's just the beginning and one benefit of many."

Jaakko Kontiainen, Head of Business Development, Cybercom AWS Business Group


Keys to success for a smooth AWS cloud migration

The best way to ensure your cloud migration plan moves forward successfully without a hitch is to first talk with a certified AWS migration partner. A qualified partner will be able to work together with you and your organization to compose a detailed strategy and approach that will take you through your full AWS cloud migration journey, from planning to migration to post-migration and operational productivity.

There are three phases that go into a successful and effective AWS cloud migration:


This first phase requires a comprehensive buy-in from your IT teams. Before migrating, it's essential that your organization has a mindset, a desire and a full understanding of the benefits of operating in the cloud. It will be at this point already where you’ll want to determine the reasons and business cases for an AWS migration, which should also include your organization’s desired goals.

Your AWS partner should then help you assess your cloud adoption readiness closely with your team, based on your organization's infrastructure and set-up, workloads, applications, and services. Organizational capabilities, skills and culture will also be considered.

By completing this full assessment, you and your AWS partner ensure your cloud journey begins with a clear and shared understanding of your starting points and desired outcomes.



“At Cybercom, we recognize the assessment phase is critical. It’s all about the business case, from uncovering the business case to finding the reasons for migration and executing a thorough assessment. This assessment comprises of analyzing your capabilities as an organization, from security to people and how your organization is able to manage the cloud adoption. We are able to assess each situation and expose any gaps.”


Sami Lehtinen, Senior Cloud Advisor, Cybercom AWS Business Group




In this second phase, you’ll be collaborating with your AWS partner, setting the plan in place for your upcoming migration. This includes considering what workloads you’ll be migrating, timelines involved and how you’ll go about the migration process.

Speaking of collaboration, various teams and colleagues within your organization will need to be fully aligned and working closely together throughout this vital part of the migration project.

With the help of your AWS partner, barriers and roadblocks that surface along the way will be managed and eliminated to ensure a smoother path to a successful migration.



“Throughout the mobilization phase, we are digging deeper into the actual data and workloads, making any necessary revisions and refinements to your business case as we begin to uncover suitable migration strategies and start to analyze the workloads.”


Sami Lehtinen, Senior Cloud Advisor, Cybercom AWS Business Group




Throughout this final phase, your applications are migrated and modernized as your AWS partner works together with you to ensure your organization achieves the benefits of the cloud.

Some companies will even use this time as an opportunity to ramp down legacy systems, while modernizing processes and technologies to leverage the cloud.

Moving forward, managed services and support are something that organizations are also able to get from an AWS partner, including cloud environment management, allowing them to put their core business at the focus of their day-to-day work.

“Application refactoring and modernization is something to consider during the migration. This phase is a perfect opportunity to leverage the potential of the AWS services available.”


Sami Lehtinen, Senior Cloud Advisor, Cybercom AWS Business Group


See what Cybercom customers are saying

Cybercom has partnered with and worked collaboratively alongside many Nordic-based organizations for each one’s unique AWS cloud migration conditions and settings, including Valmet and Boneo.

“Working with Cybercom is effortless, and they make running our IT infrastructure easy. With traditional ways of communicating, you open a ticket and it can take weeks to get a simple answer to your question. But in our current model with Cybercom, we can engage the experts easily. That’s something that saves us time, and we’ve been really happy about it,”

Ville Kauppinen, Director, AUT Business Infra Team at Valmet

Learn more about our AWS work with Valmet


“We have felt incredibly strong support from the start already in the onboarding team that was responsible for us as a customer and their professionalism and actions have given the entire Cybercom a very high credibility as well as the highest marks when it comes to customer care, quality and execution. Thanks to both staff and companies delivering fully, we have always felt safe.

They have continued to deliver in the same spirit and we can highly recommend Cybercom and their team who maintain a very high level of knowledge.”

Mathias Lindsäth, Head of Marketing at Boneo

Learn about the solution AWS provided to Boneo


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