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2017-04-19, 16:23 Posted by: Jan-Willem Hordijk

There is no question about it. Cloud computing is not a hype, it is the future. This is why you want your business to be part of it too in one way or another. The complexity of IT increased and continues to do so very quickly. This makes it hard to keep up with the latest technological requirements to support your business and even more to survive and compete on the market. Focus on your core business and innovation is key and to support this you´ll need to be highly flexible.

The water metaphor

In the modern world, almost no one needs to take care of collecting water, filtering water, building water distribution networks or doing investments in health compliance and innovations for this water management individually. We blindly trust that the water we use at home or at the office, is always there and free from diseases. We even expect it to be compliant with government regulations. It is very scalable and easy to get. Even though water is a natural product, it still takes a large investment to make it suitable to use safely in such a simple way.

The water metaphor - Cybercom

“Imagine the impact on your business costs and flexibility if you were required to take care of your own water management within your company.”

In this example, it is the water distribution company or water service provider that will take care of the water management and simply delivers the required fresh water to your offices and even at home. Cloud computing is similar.

Managed Cloud Services

Cybercom lets you consume IT in a similar way you consume water to improve your business. The Managed Cloud Services offering consists of a wide range of expertise to guarantee successful cloud migrations, managed services and excellent advisory within the area of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Stepping into the Cloud: Migration

If the future is in the Cloud, then how to get there? It is key to have clear insight into your current IT environment, related processes, costs and your current and future goals. With this information, you can find the right cloud solutions to make your business even more effective. It is highly recommended to acquire this information through external expertise. This way the daily operational activities aren´t disturbed, your business is analyzed from another perspective and you keep room to innovate by letting experts taking care of the analysis, planning and execution of migration projects.

Managed Cloud Services: Continuity

Migrating is one step. But what happens after? The change to Cloud computing brings new challenges. Managing the Cloud infrastructure requires just as much (and even more) expertise to setup all services to support your business in the best way. That is why it is recommended to have a strong collaboration with a specialist. A business partner who understands both your priorities as a business owner and the requirements on the IT side. This way you are guaranteed that your IT management processes are supported and even taken care of while you focus on the market and innovation.

Continuous improvement: Advisory

Both within Cloud migration projects and continuity activities there is always room for improvement. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep track of your business needs and related IT requirements for now and in the future. Cybercom delivers the advisory that is required to lead any Cloud migration for your business to a winning success.


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