Agile cloud based approach overrules traditional detailed planning

2015-11-27, 10:22 Posted by: Tony Hendrell, Head of Managed Cloud Services

IF YOU DID NOT TAKE PART in the first wave of utilising cloud services and are only now considering the use of public cloud services, think about the options from a few different perspectives. What are the benefits of the cloud for your business? Why would you transfer or build your services in the cloud? What will you lose and what will you gain?

These days, it is not cost-efficient or trendy to implement the traditional specification phase and create a detailed project plan. Get started quickly, implement something fast and collect feedback. Cloud technology enables quick, small-scale failures that facilitate finding the optimal solution in terms of technology and cost as quickly as possible and with little effort. Public cloud services are developing at an enormous speed, so a detailed and exact plan quickly becomes obsolete or is never implemented.

Start with your company's digitalization strategy and from this, derive the planning principles that best match your business, and should be considered in every service digitalization. At minimum, decide where your critical data should be located and who is responsible for solution planning, information security, maintenance and further development.

After making the big decisions and finding the right partner, start implementing the cloud environment with a service that is suitably small. Set goals for the pilot project that you can measure along the way. Develop the implementation all the time and at a fast pace to get the best possible return for your investment. Never stop measuring and improving!

DO YOU HAVE THE NECESSARY SKILLS to safely digitise your service into a cloud? Is it a part of your company's core expertise that you should obtain and develop yourself?

In my experience, external help is often necessary to get started quickly and concretely, and to avoid getting stuck at the planning stage. You should get a cloud partner involved as early as possible to ensure quick results and decrease the level of risk to your business. Many people value a support service that can be called at any time for contacting cloud service operations professionals. A local managed cloud partner is important if your own competence is not enough to manage the underlying technology.

A correctly chosen cloud partner also optimises your digital service and takes issues such as the level of automation, information security, cost-efficiency and availability of service into account. In addition, a good partner knows how to take the interoperability and continuity of your service into account, no matter what the situation.

WHEN THE SERVICE IS PLANNED for a pure cloud environment from the start, there is no need to worry about it functioning even with unexpected loads. The most important stories will still open on a news site even during big scoops, and students will be able to submit their applications at the same time as everyone else, at the last minute.

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