The challenges with urbanization and how the load handling industry must transform

2016-05-13, 15:26 Posted by: Advisory

In April I had the opportunity to visit one of the words biggest fairs in Munich, Bauma. For a client, Hiab, I participated in a PR event where they launched their vision for the future and how they, with digitization and connectivity as enablers, will address the challenges of urbanization. Hiab stated a clear vision aboutleading and shaping their industry and for them digitization and connectivity is key enablers to do this, but also to take on the increasing challenges with urbanization for their industry on-road load handling.

In the panel we where several areas represented and we had a really good discussion (which you can see in the video below):

  • Gloria Elliott, Chief Executive, Noise Abatement Society
  • Michael Browne, Professor University of Gothenburg (logistics and urban freight transport)
  • Peter Tyreholt, Senior Advisor digitalization & Connectivity, Cybercom Group
  • Rafal Sornek, Head of Technology and Quality, Hiab

 From my perspective there was a number of key points that I wanted to get across which can be found on min 18, 24, 29, 37 & 41 in the video.

  • Digital and connectivity is not the value, it is only the enablers to do thing in a new way - a digital way
  • We can't foresee the innovations that will come from things being connected in similar way that we could not foresee the innovations from places and people connected like Facebook, Airbnb, Uber etc.
  • The customers problem in the load handling industry is not about handling the products but to operating their business in an effective way.
  • The real innovation will come from thinking outside-in, which means that you go from a product centric culture to a customer centric culture focusing on the customer performance and the industry performance

The end promise from Hiab was that all equipment will be connected by 2018!

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