Staying on top of the information overload in the Connected World

2016-09-19, 10:33 Posted by: Advisory

How often have you searched and not found that article when you needed it a few months later? Or, feeling that everything is happening so fast around you so it is hard to see the forest for all the trees?

In my view it is more important than ever to continuously learn and develop your skills to not pass your expiration date! It requires a curious mind-set for new things, courage to test them, time and a structure that fits your way of learning. In my line of work this is especially important, when helping companies in how to transform their business and customer value which is enabled by connectivity and digital, but I believe this applies to everybody today.

Being a father of two daughters I do not spend a lot of time reading books anymore,  and I can count the books I read during last year on one hand. Yet I have found a way to stay on top of the information overload or at least not drown :-).

The way I have organized my discovery, reading&tagging and retrieval process is like this for my areas of interests which is rather broad: (IoT, digitalization, business models, business innovation, UX, new technology, start-ups, digital, management, agile...)

Discovery: I mostly discover article and news in three ways.

  • On Twitter and LinkedIn I follow influences and companies that inspire me,
  • with Bloglovin I follow blogs that I think have something important to say and
  • in Flipboard I follow relevant themes and news sources.

I normally browse these sources in the morning on my way to work or at waiting times during the day. I easily browse 100 to 200 headlines and summaries per day if not more and when I find something that interest me I store it in Pocket, it could be anything between 10 and 30 articles per day

Reading & tagging: When I have a longer period to read (more than 5 min) I open Pocket and read the latest articles and if I find them interesting I will tag them with relevant key words and archive them

Retrieval: When I have a challenge or a task and need inspiration I go to my Pocket and retrieve the right articles so I can use them in my work.

As the premium version of Pocket that I use make a copy of the article I will always have access to it even if it is removed from internet :-) and I can use both the tags and the search function to find the article on my mind.

But the world is ever changing and one part that I struggle with is to get videos and podcasts in to the storing in a good way. For Podcast I follow some really good which I listen to when I am running but it is hard to search podcasts and video I do not really have a time when I watch. In pocket I currently have 50 or so video links which I have not had time to watch even if I find them interesting.

So this is my way to cope with the information overload, I hope it has brought you some valuable. What is your way?

PS: From Thursday I am planning to release a bi-weekly highlights of my reading here and on LinkedIn.DS

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