One book to buy in 2017!

2017-01-03, 14:20 Posted by: Peter Tyreholt

At least if you are working with creating new customer offerings/services/products that should delight the customers and build a viable business. But also if you are servicing (as HR, IT or other department) internal stakeholders much of the values, tools and methods can be used in the same way to succeed in your role.

I think that the book "Design a better business" does a wonderful job of summarize the popular methods like Design thinking, Lean startup, Business model generation, customer development and so on. But it also gives hands on examples from the real world and present the best visual tools from each discipline in a good format which is easy to grasp.

The danger with the book is probably if you have not learnt the basics, the values and the mindset of the disciplines the books makes it look very simple which can give you a shock when trying to practice it in real life. It is so easy to believe that you can do it right away without any help but often you will get stuck or fool yourself.

For me that use many of these tools and methods already in my daily life, the book still gives a lot of value with examples reminding me of important steps in the process and some new visual tools (4 new tools) that I will take into my daily usage.


My biggest disappointment was the customer journey canvas which I think are missing several important aspects and are too simplified. This blog post I think highlights some important aspects on how to succeed with customers journeys especially about including the scenario and adding the insight section.

So I really recommend this book!


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