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2016-05-25, 15:04 Posted by: Advisory

I am a firm believer in the underlying values in Business model generation (2010) and Lean Startup (2011) driven by professional experience. I have been in companies in which we both had the best product but in the first we failed on the business model (especially the sales channel) and in the second we failed to transform fast enough when challenged by a disruptive innovation from the lower end of the market. The experience have given me insight into the difficulties but also the motivation to find and master the tools to avoid it :-).

Since I found these inspirations I have practiced it in my daily professional life in which I constantly test new ideas to improve the result and my skills, learn something new and modify the idea until the next time. I have the opportunity today, as a consultant, to put these skills in practice on large and small challenges several times per year related to the challenge and opportunity that companies face when it comes to Internet of Things, digitization and the constant flow of startups. Along the way I have pulled in specific workshop techniques, dual track scrum with discover sprints, the golden circle, product board and many times innovating my own flavor based on multiple inspirations, but I have not really found that many books that have inspired me as much as BMG and LS. That is until now, this spring has been a fantastic book year for me so far. First cameSprint - how to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days and then a Kickstarter exclusive (little bit delayed) The leader's guide  to adopting lean startup at scale.

Both books are really good and provide a lot of value. They are both filled with real cases which they describe but in one way they are very different. Sprint describes a time-boxed structured approach to make learning iterations on a big dilemma/problem in one week while the Leader's Guide describes how you put this in general practice and scale it within a company.

So for me, I enjoyed both books and will take with me several things that I will use in my day to day work, but the book with the biggest value will most likely be the Leader's guide, as you get the help to systematize the approach and scale it within your company.

So I recommend everybody that has the opportunity to read both books, especially if you are a CXO, product manager, business developer, designer or if you have any thoughts on starting your own company!

The first things I will take with me from each book (except the confirmation on many things I already do :-)) is

- Sprint: “How might we” note taking technique to change problems into opportunities

- Leader's Guide: “Innovation accounting” which is a way to measure progress without vanity metric and a way to allocate funding within a traditional company

 Have you read the books, please let me know your thoughts!

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