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2017-03-07, 08:51 Posted by: Bella Sörborn

In my professional life the MWC trade fair is the industry highlight. In this industry the majority of us have, with jealous feelings, read and seen information published by this fair, and we have tried to understand and feel the pulse of what will happen in the market. 

Bella in Cybercom's stand.

When I started at Cybercom I got the opportunity to be with, and be inspired by, colleagues who had been to the show and I heard accounts of their reconnaissance; how it affects and gives fuel to our customers. I had the privilege of being specifically selected within the company to go along and be inspired and to take part in the latest of what the industry is offering.  For the first time I now felt like I no longer needed to search online, reading articles to obtain insight and information. Now I was going to have all of this presented and packaged to me first hand to see and be a part of.

2017 was the year I was asked to go! What a responsibility, and what a treat!

The first thing that struck me about this event was the size. Eight halls which seems to have no end.  No booth is quite like another and to process all the sights and impressions will take me a few weeks. The products, technology and services displayed vary of course, but the main insight I will take with me is that everyone is building different IT platforms, collect all data, they are all expanding their markets and widening territories.

But where is the customer value? Where is the need for all this data? And how should companies package and deliver data to create value?  Right now there is intense positioning of companies to collect and own as much data as possible. It will be interesting to see how it will be packaged. I am convinced that focusing on customer value will be the winning element out of this frenzy that now prevails.

In addition to these impressions I gained from the entire event, I will take with me a great feeling from us at Cybercom. Our booth showed the latest technology we have developed together with customers in the innovation zone projects and staff from most of our customer lifecycle’s approach were represented. Besides meeting new and interesting customer opportunities, we spend time with invited customers and together were inspired to get to know each other even better.

Cybercom chooses to bring together employees with different skills, from various cities and countries to the event which can be daring and perhaps be seen as an unnecessarily luxurious, but in my eyes this is so right. The company is investing in us as employees, enabling us to evolve, prime us and inspire us. Something I valued and promotes the feeling that you as an employee, want to give back and be a proud Cybercomare.

Cybercom colleagues from Poland, Finland and Sweden.

So what is my summary? The events size, heart rate and excessive technical opportunities, of course, but what really touched me the most was the personal contacts. The MWC is a trade fair where networking is in focus, to aid establishing new business contacts, deepen existing and find synergies between different clients and markets.

After the exhibition there is a tour where we go out and presents our key findings, do not miss it!

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