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The blog post this week and also the next post will be the true test of my ability to fulfill on my promise on a bi-weekly post on my reading highlights. I have previously posted a post on how I structure my reading but also the first summary, no. 1.

This second week I have started a routine to tag things that may end up in this highlight post already when I read them and I hope that will give a better flow for me and a more interesting post for you J.

This period has been really good with several great articles and I will try to summaries the most interesting things in four themes:

  • Why the next computing platform won’t be a hardware device
  • Inspiration on how to build great products and customer value
  • IoT and Security
  • …and finally some fun stuff


Why the next computing platform won’t be a hardware device

I have for a while had the thought that machine and deep learning is at the stage where IoT was four years ago and I think that this year we really see break through reaching the user. In this I have also thought on what will come as the next computing platform after mainframes, minicomputers, PC’s and smartphones. Many are betting on VR/AR (Facebook, HTC, Sony…) but for me that is only a presentation layer and some talk about bots (Microsoft, Facebook again…) as the new interaction after the web and apps. However growing on me over the last half year has been that what if the next computing platform is not a hardware device but it is in all devices and it is a ”digital” platform in the form of an assistant like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or from yesterday Google Assistant. All three of them let developers integrate their own service/skill but Amazon/Google also license the technology to device producers! This could be really transformative!

A personal Google, just for you – Google describing a transformation to AI first company, similar to the mobile first statement by Google from 2010 at Mobile World Congress.

How Google Plans to Take Down Amazon’s Echo – Speculation on the Google strategy


Amazon's Echo and Alexa could add $11 billion in revenue by 2020 – 70% will be transactions on the Amazon platform, 30% hardware.

Are you looking at this yet, if not you should!


Inspiration on how to build great products and how to transform companies

What drives me is creating value and how to build the right product and right customer value in a better way and faster way so more value is created. In this I work with three core values:

  • outside - in obsession -> innovate around the customer, not your current solution to the problem
  • the best product is not enough -> innovate and work with the complete company execution/business model
  • don’t fall in love with your smart ideas -> remember that all your ideas are based on guesses, find ways to quickly validate or invalidate them through small experiments

This week there was many good articles on the same themes as above and here are some of them:

  • Like Netfix describing that there were 600 experiments carried out before a new larger design change and how they worked with transforming the company two times by splitting the company and people early to get focus.
  • The product manager can make or break a product/company, so do not just hire a good – hire a great product manager. This is one of the most underestimated disciplines in companies today and the way of working for great product managers has really transformed over the last 10 years but very few take advantage of that.
  • This one describes a concept that I really love called Jobs-to-be-done and why that can make agile teams deliver more value with less.
  • Even the traditional management firms are talking about customer obsession as a way to grow your businessJ!
  • I often talk about that you need to look at the complete execution of the company (the complete business model) and this article summaries on a high level six transformative business models.

IoT and Security

SAP is following other legacy company like GE, IBM, Microsoft, Ericsson and investing heavily in IoT with an aim of 2.2 billion dollars until 2020. They also announced two acquisitions during the week, (iot platform with edge computing) and Fedem (working on digital twins concepts for the industry).

Early in this period I had a plan to give you a summary of a number of IoT reports but there has not been any time to summarize my thoughts so maybe next post.

For me, IoT and security goes hand in hand, it is something that you design for from the beginning but last week there came troubling news when a security blogger was silenced with a new world record in distributed denial of service attack (almost 700 GBit/s). The troubling part of this attach was that many of the devices involved was hacked security cameras and smart TV’s.


…and finally some fun stuff

I really love these behavior pictures, I have often used the pope picture to the left but the Hillary picture is fantastic!





17 ways technology will change our lives by 2050 – many interesting scenarios like smartphone obsolete 2025, mars trips 2030 (Musk can’t have seen this), clothes gives humans super powers within 10 years and much, much more!

And Domino's Pizza is the unexpected winner in the race to deploy self-driving vehicles commerciallyJ.

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