Information overload by tyreholt - no. 1

2016-09-22, 13:33 Posted by: Advisory

Earlier this week I wrote a blog post about how to stay on top of the information overload and in that I promised a bi-weekly highlights on what I have found interesting. This is now that post :-) and let’s see if I can manage the bi-weekly ambition. Please let me know what you think!

Over the last two weeks my highlights can be summarized into a couple of themes:

  • Customer centric and way of working
  • Disruption and transforming business models
  • IOT
  • and some fun

Customer centric and way of working

All too often people mistake customer centric for asking the customer what they want. This example with Amazon is a good example on what it is all about. Amazon's customers did not ask for tatkal, but by getting out of the building and listen to the customer's fears, worries and problem Amazon created a new offering! Read it here.

Companies struggle with how to work to improve their hit rate, this is a nice description of an approach I believe in which is also very similar to how I work every day at Cybercom business advisory. Read it here.

Very good description why large companies are in a better position to use Lean Startup methodology compared to startups and smaller companies. Read it here.

Disruption and transforming business models

The music industry was early to be hit by digitization and due to that there was no offering that met the customer expectations with the right user experience and business model, people turned to piracy in numbers. This week there came numbers on the US that the music industry has turned growth for the first time since 1998. But my expectation is that this is only the beginning, if you take Spotify’s home country I estimate that close to 25% of the households now pay for premium subscriptions (and that is only on Spotify). So there is still some growth left in the US.

Two twitter extracts on the automotive industry:

  • Question on twitter by Benedict Evans "Android destroyed profitability in the $3-400bn phone industry. What does software do in the $1.2tr car industry?" So hard to predict, but so relevant!
  • A market destined for disruption! "An OECD study that modelled the use of self-driving cars in Lisbon found that shared autonomous vehicles could reduce the number of cars needed by 80-90%"

I think that this is a real problem "According to McKinsey, more than 70% of corporate leaders tout innovation as a top three business priority, but only 22% set innovation performance metrics." When you just think that innovation should happen and do not measure an outcome nothing will happen, but of course it is not enough with just measure you need to give resources, mandate and have ways of working that fuel sustainable innovation. Read it here.

It seems like crowed funding is about to disrupt the publishing industry where Kickstarter now is on the top 5 list of publishing houses when it comes to number of books. Read it here.

This is one form of disruption (technology shifts) when we looks at the yearly rate of photos taken vs analog photos taken. Look here.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This is a very good presentation on how you approach the designing of IoT services with very sound recommendations. I really like the list of what can go wrong, especially the last three :-) and my focus is very much 3 and 4 when I work. Read it here.

  1. Device issues
  2. Network/Service issues
  3. Business issues
  4. User issues
  5. Real world issues

On the real world issues I think the security aspects come in and I was really horrified when they tested 16 smartlocks and 12 of those were easily hacked. The worst once even sent password in plain text over wireless. And there was also an example with Telsa where researches found a hack in very special circumstances where Tesla deployed a over the air update within 10 days. I think for most automotive OEM's and smart device producers that would have taken more than 10x of the time.

And some fun

I would really love this product to work with my mirror at home,

Acqui hire is when you acquire a company just for it’s talent. This has not reach a new level in the car industry where the going rate for self driving cars talent is at $10 million. Read it here.

How many does not work in a company where this is the reality?

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