Within two years will 77% of Swedish companies launched a Internet of Things solution

2014-08-29, 13:21 Posted by: Peter Tyreholt

Most of the time are reports and investigations in the Internet of things area global but the report from Telenor is focused on Sweden (here in swedish).

I would say that most of the conclutions in the report are similar to the global perspective, but with a feeling that we are not ahead as we should be to stay competitive in Sweden over time!

What you should take with you from the report according to me are:

  • It happens now!! - If 77% have launched within two years they are already in the planing stage to get products out in time.
  • The responsibility is unclear in the organisations - everything from the Cio, CEO, CTO, Head of Product etc have the responsibility within the organisation and in 14% of the organisations this is a big issue.
  • Biggest challenges are often internal and the top things are new competence, New business models and processes
  • 60% believe in the disruptive force of Internet of things and they say it will change their industry
  • Even though the technology challenge is seen as the biggest challenge I belive that new/changed business models, customer value and security/integrity are the real challenges when you are actually doing it.

I really like the advice from Karin Rådström at Scania which clearly state that you should always start with the business value and not the technology and that the management team must understand the potential with IoT.

At Cybercom we are doing just this, starting with the business value and helping our clients from business strategy to technical solution and implementation. We also have the possibility to manage and maintain the service after launch. We live our vision "to be our clients’ most trusted business partner in the Connected World." 

If you are interested in how Cybercom's Advisory servicescan help your company when entering the connected world contact me at peter.tyreholt@cybercom.com or call +46730255855.

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