CEO’s comment

Good prospects and major challenges

All Cybercom operations are developing strongly and in the desired strategic direction, albeit at somewhat different rates. We are following our strategic plan with good results and are within reach of our targets.

I look back with pride at all we have achieved. We are growing, increasing the share of sustainable business and improving our profitability, year after year. With a brisk wind in our sails, Cybercom is developing very favourably in a strong market, accelerated by a positive macroeconomic situation. All Cybercom operations are delivering strong development in the desired strategic direction, albeit at somewhat different rates. We are following our strategic plan with good results and we are within reach of our targets.

However, the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals demand more forceful action by Cybercom and our clients. ICT and technical advancements are playing a major role in the global economy and in sustainable development. Digitalisation is behind the most important forces of change this decade. The industrialization of IT, including the focus on 5G, cloud services, cybersecurity and disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things and blockchain technology will be affecting us an at accelerating rate in the next decade. And this is what the days of Cybercom consultants are made of. This is a thrilling evolution, but we are not stopping there. We see beyond technical developments and engage in the consequences of our solutions. Cybercom’s team of IT security experts are helping companies and society protect privacy, assets and systems. We are putting the new technologies in relation to the sustainability risks of our time to more effectively craft the solutions of tomorrow, add business models and open new markets.


A client-based and agile approach to achieve Agenda 2030.

Our business development has appealed to our clients and our relationships deepened during the year. We have chosen to work with fewer key clients in order to create higher, more sustainable value. Successful deliveries of agile teams are one example. Cybercom’s agile approach is efficient and assures the quality of products and services whose functions are fit for purpose and focused on the user. We have been working this way for a long time with some of our industrial clients. Now we are growing with more agile teams in industry and in the public sector, which is a breakthrough and a distinct change compared to previous purchasing patterns. I believe the agile approach is the way to reach the right solutions as swiftly and efficiently as possible. That benefits Cybercom, our developers, our clients and our society.

We aim to work in close collaboration, to listen carefully and understand each client’s unique situation and create the optimal solution, for them and their customers or end users. Unique solutions that also contain scalable advantages that can be shared with others. I am utterly convinced that digitalisation and technical innovation can lead to reduced carbon emissions and better quality of life in many other areas. Cybercom supports the UN Global Compact and the Global Sustainable Development Goals. We see opportunities in the SDGs. Opportunities for stronger collaboration, scalable solutions and a swifter rate of change together with our clients. We have launched our Digital Sustainability offer as a driver of business innovation. We are training our sales force and management in Digital Sustainability and monitoring progress in our control system.


We are the same, we are different, we are innovative.

Our greatest challenge today is finding enough new colleagues and making sure that interest in technology is sparked in more young people and women. In response to this challenge, we are engaged in many different forums, such as career days, meet-ups, hackathons and events like Women in Tech. We are welcoming an increasing number of university students who are doing their degree projects in our organisation and have allocated additional resources to provide guidance and mentorship. All of these efforts energise and enrich us and we feel that we are contributing to an important aspect of long-term social development. Although a global workforce is a strength in the IT sector, there is serious risk that we will soon be facing a shortage of skills in our industry throughout Europe. Global recruitment is one way of fending off this threat, but we need to keep educating more people at home to meet the demand.

We welcomed 425 new colleagues during the year, 97 of whom are women. Our target is 30 percent women at Cybercom by 2020, and if we continue at the same rate as during 2017, we are going to make it. Together, we are now 44 nationalities, 1,262 employees in five countries ranging in age from 20 to 67. Our mission is to boost the performance of all people - our clients, their customers, our employees and our fellow humans - in a connected world.

I strongly believe that when we see the individual in every employee, strengthen diversity, increase transparency and give people freedom coupled with responsibility, we also create better conditions for success. Aimed at shortening internal decision paths, making the approach even more agile and reducing the distance between different parts of our organisation, I eliminated one level of management in the Swedish operations during 2017. The International region, which was oriented towards international telecoms operators, was also sold early in the year. In the new organisation, I have devoted focus and energy to Innovation and Sustainability through collaboration across the group and joint client solutions and partnerships. We have introduced Innovation Zones with innovation teams in all Cybercom operations - they are the hub for new employee introduction, employee development and innovations. Change and innovation that create sustainable business for us and our clients are taking us forward.

My thanks to all colleagues, clients and partners. Together, we made 2017 an outstanding year. Now we are creating the future – We are Makers of tomorrow!


Stockholm, March 2018

Niklas Flyborg

President and CEO