Our vision and business model


Boosting your performance in the connected world is our mission.


Our vision is to be our clients’ most trusted business partner in the Connected World.

Business concept

We help our clients capture the opportunities in the connected world. Combining technical edge and strong business insight we provide innovative and sustainable solutions.

Cybercom’s business model

We generate value for clients and revenues for Cybercom in several ways. Our business model is based on either continuous billing or fixed price commitments. We deliver in agile teams, expert assignments, project or service deliveries and licensing.


Project deliveries are based on Cybercom taking charge of and delivering a project (such as a particular
solution) or taking on a greater commitment. The client pays based on effect and value. As a result, the project may be delivered at an agreed fixed price or on a continuous billing basis.


Service deliveries are based on Cybercom taking responsibility for a system, feature or service and its maintenance and uptime. The client pays a fixed price per month, but the service may include a variable component related to volume or time.


Expertise assignments mean that Cybercom offers one or more consultants to meet a particular need for the client. The client pays for the people, skills and time expended.


In the Licensing Model, the client has access to software developed and owned by Cybercom in exchange
for a licence, royalty and/or maintenance fee. 


Team deliveries means that Cybercom offers teams of 6–8 employees who apply agile methods to sdevelopment. The client pays a fixed price for the entire team.

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