Our values

Cybercom has three core values in its employee philosophy and these also form the basis of recruitment. These values are shared by all those who want to work at Cybercom and all those already working at Cybercom.


Proactive, early adopter, agile, open-minded, constantly developing

We are innovative in the way we work and embrace new technology. We are results-oriented and always add value to the business. We are always in the forefront, we question, challenge, move boundaries and change industry standards.


+1, joy, energy, constantly developing, believe in the purpose, boosting performance

We are driven by a genuine passion and are proud of what we achieve. We are the gurus of our niches and always willing to go the extra mile to improve performance and enhance our clients’ business. We deliver assured quality, on time and within budget.


Honest, transparent, responsive, integrity

We generate trust and confidence among our colleagues and clients by using common sense, clear thinking and doing what we say – always with respect for each other.


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Head of Sustainability and Communications

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