Our targets

Sustainable business

Cybercom will increase the percentage of sustainable business with our clients. The assignments will contribute to sustainable development and responsible use of finite resources.

Outcome 2017:

Refers to Cybercom's ten largest clients.



Key accounts will generate 70% of sales, the ten largest clients 50% and no individual client will account for more than 15%.

Outcome 2017:


Type of assignment

Cybercom will have even distribution between consultancy services and turnkey commitments.

Outcome 2017:



Cybercom’s net recruitment will be at least 5%, with focus on more equal gender distribution. Our workforce will be at least 30% women, as women earn 30% of degrees in technical fields.

Outcome 2017:

Net recruitment for the year was 4.9%.


Business ethics

High ethics will be part of our DNA and define us and our business. All employees will receive training in Cybercom's Code of Conduct and anti-corruption rules.

Outcome 2017:

Anti-corruption training. 



Cybercom will strive for growth of 5% per year over a business cycle.

Outcome 2017:

Net sales growth 8% (7). 



Cybercom will be one of the more profitable companies among its peer competitors and achieve an operating margin of 10%.

Outcome 2017:

Operating margin 7.7% (5).

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