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The target areas for the 2016–2019 strategy period were sustainable business, client base, assignment type, recruitment, business ethics, growth and profitability. The targets and outcomes for the year for each of these areas are presented here.

Sustainable business

Cybercom will increase the percentage of business with sustainability effects. The assignments will contribute in various ways to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Outcome 2018:


Client base

Key accounts will generate 70 percent of sales, the ten largest clients for 50 percent and no individual client will account for more than 15 percent of sales.

Outcome 2018:


Type of assignment

Cybercom will have even distribution between consultancy services and turnkey commitments.

Outcome 2018:



Cybercom’s net recruitment will be at least 5 percent, with focus on more equal gender distribution. At least 30 percent of employees should be women, reflecting the percentage of women who earn technical degrees.

Outcome 2018:


Business ethics

High ethics will be part of Cybercom’s DNA and be at the heart of our entire operations and all of our business. All employees will complete training in Cybercom’s Code of Conduct.

Outcome 2018:



Cybercom will strive for growth of 5% per year over a business cycle.

Outcome 2018:


Cybercom will be one of the more profitable companies among its peer competitors and achieve an operating margin of 10%.

Outcome 2018:

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