Our ability to attract and retain skilled employees is closely associated with the company's power of innovation and our capacity to offer exciting projects that mean something to wider society. Our goal is for every employee to have more skills when they leave us than when they joined us.

Cybercom's focus during the year has been on diversity management, skills development and internal career paths. Our stance is that each employee should have more expertise when they leave us than when they joined us, and they should have had fun along the way.

Employee experience

As we demand more experiences in our private lives, thanks to digitalisation and connectivity, so we come to expect the same in the workplace. Tailored development and a personal connection to our careers are becoming increasingly important. Cybercom works actively to improve the employee experience on many levels. Skills development, the working environment, meritocracy and good development opportunities are important elements at work, and are regularly provided within the framework of training opportunities and improvement initiatives. One of the key elements of the employee experience is to offer co-workers enjoyable, challenging and important assignments in which they have an opportunity to develop.

Diversity and equality

Convinced that greater diversity is a critical success factor, Cybercom has worked for many years to expand the diversity of its employees. Today, a large percentage of Cybercom's employees have an international background, and we are working to enhance this through initiatives such as participation in projects like LinkedIn's Welcome Talent (see page 33). Our voice in the community is heard in many ways, and we have been invited by companies and organisations to join important conversations. During a previous visit to Sweden, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was elected to visit Cybercom as a result of our work with labour migration. We have welcomed interns for a number of years, and over the winter we employed a refugee from Syria.

Gender equality is an important part of diversity. Cybercom's long-term goal is to equalise the proportion of men and women among overall employees and in management. The proportion of female employees in the company at the end of 2015 was 17 % (17). We are now setting our long-term goal at 30 %. In 2015, the AllBright Foundation recognised us as best in our industry (technology) with regard to the proportion of women in leadership positions, with 36 % women in the senior leadership team. (AllBright, March 2015 "Done reducing: time for competence").

Strong leadership

Strengthening competitiveness requires professional leaders. Cybercom's management has evolved significantly in recent years, largely thanks to a strong focus on leadership and training. In our Cybercom People Voice employee satisfaction survey, 75 % of employees rate the management as 4 or 5. In 2015, this leadership rating formed a component of performance pay for managers, as a clear marker of the importance of good leadership.

Supply of skills

During the year, Cybercom launched its Boosting Your Development skills programme. This programme is rooted in each individual taking personal responsibility for their development, and a key component is training on assignment with clients alongside senior colleagues.

We invite and challenge our employees to prepare for future opportunities and expand their capabilities. We provide Innovation Zones where employees can develop between assignments, such as by taking part in assignments that are not time critical and that allow for learning along the way.

Personal development, or helping to train someone else, means that we have to welcome a new way of thinking about how a career is formed. By offering a range of possibilities, careers can move around, go up, go down, jump forward and go around again. Modern career development looks more like a climbing wall than a ladder. We have identified a number of potential development paths that a consultant can choose, and within each path there are a number of areas for development, within which employees can choose to broaden their knowledge in new areas or enhance their specialist knowledge in a specific area.

Activity-based offices

If anything, our physical environment will become even more important in future. Cybercom already has several activity-based offices, and these are constantly being developed with the idea that our environment should be playful and fun in order to inspire innovation and development.

We believe it is critical that our jobs should provide energy so that employees have the dynamism and strength to do things in their free time that develop them. We offer our employees many opportunities for leisure activities. Our CyberFri programme sets aside money each year so that employees can apply for funding for shared activities, such as exercising, running races, or starting a photo club or a cultural organisation.

"Our goal is to provide all employees with opportunities for ongoing development in order to achieve their full potential and our full potential."

Charlotte Siversson, Sustainability Ambassador and HR Partner, Cybercom.