Cybercom Datamatics, CDIS logotype

Cybercom Datamatics Information Solutions Limited (CDIS) is a state-of-the-art software development house that delivers end-to-end solutions to the telecom industry.

CDIS is an organization created jointly by Cybercom Group, a leading high-tech company specializing in business critical IT solutions, and erstwhile Datamatics Limited (now Datamatics Global Services Limited, referred as Datamatics), one of India’s premier IT consulting and BPO organizations.

CDIS brings together Datamatics’ years of experience in offshoring, a deep understanding of the telecom and financial services domain, flexibility and customer-centric services, and a global delivery capability.

Future of CDIS

  • CDIS will be focusing on telecom, technology, and growth. Our current growth objective is of a development center with 200 high tech software professionals within the next 12 months.
  • CDIS operations will include these key areas: telecom management and networks, portals and mobile solutions, e-commerce and billing, and embedded solutions.
  • Broadening our customer base and increasing “internationalization”
  • Organic growth.
  • Development of spin-off businesses outside telecom, in areas where Cybercom and Datamatics have unique technological expertise.

Current operation

Application Management, Content Management, Application Development and Testing Services for three customers, one of them is a Leading Telecommunications Manufacturer in Scandinavia.