5.4.2017 #HackingGreat, Tampere

Tervetuloa hackaamaan kanssamme - Come hacking with us!

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Cybercom Finland arranges a yet another #HackingGreat hackathon event on Wednesday 2017-04-05, 16:00-24:00.

The purpose is to learn new technologies and demo the various results in an informal infosec themed sauna evening.

The pre-requisite information and source codes will be here, be sure to check it out before the event! https://cybercom-finland.github.io/hacking-great-4/

As is traditional, our event is open for external participants also, we have spots for the fastest 20!

The event consists of three tech tracks, of which you can take part in all or only in some:

Tech track 1: Capture-the-Flag. – Instructor: Nina Kuisma

Tech track 2: Web-application and attacker (eg. DOS) scenario. – Instructor: Toni Ylenius

Tech track 3: Mobile maps with OpenStreetMap. – Instructor: Erno Mäkinen (external)

Take you own laptop with you! Linux is preferred, but you should be able to have fun with other operating systems as well.

If you have food preferences or allergies, be sure to RSVP well before the event so we can take those into account!

Location: Technopolis, meeting space Kansleri (http://www.technopolis.fi/kokoustilat/tampere/yliopistonrinne/kalevantie-2-kansleri/)