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Cybercom Bluetooth application framework is a piece of software that holds the functionality that you need in a Bluetooth system for telematics, consumer or medical/health devices.

It supports sophisticated hands-free telephony in the car, including advanced phone book synchronization, audio streaming from an iPOD or other Bluetooth-enabled music player, and dial-up network for internet access. Along with interoperability testing services, Cybercom can offer compatibility with all commonly used mobile phones and media players on the market.

blueGO offers a well defined API towards the customer’s application that abstracts the complexity of the Bluetooth technology and the low-level interaction and co-existence of different Bluetooth profiles. It encapsulates the interfaces to OS and hardware, and handles most of the lower level design considerations and difficulties. The application programmer and system designer does not need to be experts in all the aspects of Bluetooth.

Cybercom blueGO drastically reduces the effort for Bluetooth application development and maintenance. A typical blueGO function call generates 10 or more underlying calls to the Bluetooth Profile API. This means that a large portion of the customer’s application code is eliminated and that many of the classical difficulties, and opportunities to make design mistakes, are removed. All in all, it leads to drastically reduced initial development cost as well as cost for maintenance and product evolution.

Cybercom blueGO is continuously designed and tested for device interoperability, following the interoperability testing service that is also offered to customers. blueGO eliminates the problems and customer complaints that most product vendors are experiencing.

The design of blueGO makes it independent regarding customers' choice of RTOS, MCU, and BT chip. blueGO integration is available for different RTOSes including QNX, VxWorks, as well as for Linux (Open Embedded, Mobiln, Wind River Linux) and Android.

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