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In a distant future, gladiators are back and space is the Colosseum. The universe is enamored by this bloodthirsty, brutal sport in which you find yourself participating for the entertainment of the masses.

You are equipped with a space ship with the best weapons technology can offer. Your ship is capable of moving horizontally and vertically on a 2-dimensional grid, one square at a time. The objective is to kill as many aliens and other gladiators as you can, while surviving as long as possible. Equipped with a devastating and expensive to use space mine and a forward-facing space laser, you have the tools at your disposal to demolish the competition. Using these tools in conjunction with the lidar system, you can detect your enemies in all 4 directions and then obliterate them with the appropriate weapon. Moving around and using the weapons consumes fuel - but the lidar is solar powered and does not consume any fuel.

Be careful though! While your ship is devastating offensively, it can only take so much abuse. The shield generators are weak and can only protect you from a few bullets and crashes. Getting hit by mines, lasers and crashing into your surroundings all cause your shield generator to consume fuel in order to maintain itself.

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