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2017-03-17, 13:03 Posted by: Janne Haldesten

Security goes to Barcelona - MWC 2017

Nobody was happier than me when I heard that Cybercom was going to present on IoT security! Honoured to be the main speaker for the area, I also saw a great opportunity to browse trends and technology in general, but foremost from a security angle.

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2017-03-01, 15:17 Posted by: Conny Karlsson

Sustainability driving Business Innovation at MWC

Sustainability is for more and more companies a driver for Business Innovation

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2017-02-13, 10:47 Posted by: Tero Keski-Valkama, Elisa Patronen

Blockchain Tech Talk

Introductory texts on blockchain are mainly focused on two core things: Bitcoin-style open blockchains with proof-of-work consensus mechanism, and integrity through sequential hash evaluation in the block chain. While these things are important, they are not everything blockchain technologies are about, and as such they might give a bit misleading picture of the whole.

I would like to show a quick bird's eye view to blockchain technologies and solutions, and describe some underrepresented features.

Blockchain, consensus, Fabric, Hyperledger, Bitcoin, TechTalk, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ether Read: Blockchain Tech Talk
2017-02-06, 16:47 Posted by: Zoran Manevski

Enabling GDPR compliance

Violation of the GDPR principles and regulations will result in hefty fines

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2017-01-19, 14:33 Posted by: Kristian Palm

Las Vegas - CES 2017

“CES 2017 shifted to a new level as large and small companies from around the globe gathered to reveal solutions for many of our world’s most challenging problems”

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2016-11-09, 14:10 Posted by: Katarzyna Gajda

Are You at Risk of Losing $4 mln?

According to an IBM report a data breach can cost on average $4 million. But it's not the only loss a company can suffer by not taking all necessary precautions to protect data. Many businesses have suffered such losses including huge financial repercussions, bad reputation and in some cases they even had to cease trading.

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2016-11-04, 13:55 Posted by: Jani Ojala

Machinebook meets the AWS IoT Service

Cybercom experiences of using AWS IoT with Machinebook.

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2016-10-27, 12:25 Posted by: Minna Lumiluoto

How smart can we be?

Smart city is defined as a concept that works to improve city life in sustainable social, economic and urban development. Smart city is based on new information and communication technologies to make efficient use of services and resources.

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2016-10-17, 10:04 Posted by: Tero Keski-Valkama

Cybercom Machinebook

Cybercom Machinebook is a convergence of IoT, conversational paradigm and machine learning.

Machinebook, machine_learning, IoT, conversational_paradigm, conversational_user_interface, industrial, AI, artificial_intelligence Read: Cybercom Machinebook
2016-10-11, 16:58 Posted by: Kristina Cato

Five companies and organisations that grasp digitalisation

Not everyone can do a Spotify – but there are big gains to be made from the digitalisation of existing activities. We have spotted five traditional companies and organisations that are embracing digital technology to develop their operations and to generate added value for their customers and the wider public - as an inspiration for you.

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Today, we live in a world of digitalisation, Internet of things, Machine-to-Machine communication, mobility, and there are estimated to be 2,7 connected things per person worldwide already in year 2017. Understanding this future is to understand that one key component for business success lays in the innovation of connectivity.

This blog addressing various topics in the connected world. The blog entries are written by Cybercom employees from different parts of the company.